Flood City:

Gamification and Simulation of a Flooded City in a Digital Twin Environment with ML Agents for Climate-based Awareness Interaction

Stemming from UAV data collection pipelines and outputs, we investigated climate-based interaction by utilizing the inextricable links between gamified environments, digital twins, and climate data.

Design an interactive tool that visualizes a climate-change effect, specifically sea level rise, in a gamified environment where users can simulate and interact to highlight the pressing challenges our societies and ‘homes’ are facing.

Duration:  September 2022 - December 2022 (3 months)
Role:  Prototyper, Designer
Team:  Kenny Kim, Ibrahim Ibrahim
Tools Used:  Unity, C#
Category:  MIT 4.S28 - Eyes in the Sky: Drones for the Built Environment
Instructors: Norhan Bayomi, John E. Fernández

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