Flat Models

This set of images explores the possibility of superficiality in a two-dimensional image. A building façade, a sculpture, and a courtyard were captured via photogrammetric scans, and a three-dimensional model was formed to be manipulated for a new interpretation.

Taking inspiration from the composition of a stage, the layers in our new model begins to read in-between the layers of each façade that is sliced consistently. Thus, the separation of the layers exposes the illusion of images that are often depicted in an orthographic projection.

The tools and methods of manipulations were working in favor of emphasizing flatness. Methods including scale, material, and lighting were used to depict an amalgamation of the three scans. A result is a flat model that shares the same orthographic projection reinterpreted through new flat models.

Duration:  September 2021 - December 2021 (4 months)
Role:  Designer
Team:  Kenny Kim, Deok Kyu Chung
Tools Used:  Reality Capture, Autodesk ReCap, Cinema4D, Rhinoceros3D, Grasshopper
Category:  Harvard GSD | VIS2228 - Digital Media: Models
Advisor:  Hyojin Kwon, Zach Seibold



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