Published in Conference “Immersed in the Work: From the Environment to Virtual Reality”: https://an-icon.unimi.it/calendars/immersed-in-the-work/

“Falling” is a dream sequence that I’ve had in the past of falling endlessly. One dream that resonated with me took place on a train, elevated on a bridge, and a sudden gravitational force pulled me down. The train began to trail off the tracks and eventually fell off a bridge.

In parallel, I was interested in connecting this feeling of falling with the notion of falling asleep. In my experience with insomnia, I recall counting every stipple in my popcorn ceiling to convince myself to fall asleep. The painful and dreadful wanting to fall asleep was another experience I aimed to include, oscillating between the dream and reality. I relied on point clouds to mimic the stipples and paint this elusive nature of dreams while depicting this memory.

I also explored how to convey this feeling of anxious, oppressive, and even passive state through sounds. The continuous rise in the Shepard tone depicted this endless fall that I wanted to capture.

Many moments in dreams can feel insignificant; however, dreams are a set of structured narratives depicting one’s current state of emotions. The repeating dreams of falling become almost like a déjà vu, and there is no specific control over what to dream, let alone how to react to a dream.

Instead, dreams are the ultimate immersive experience, and this piece aims to recreate a part of that immersion. The only action we are allowed is to comprehend what we see and think.

Visit: https://github.com/k-yr-k/Falling

Duration:  March 2022 - April 2022 (1 month)
Role:  Interaction Designer/Engineer
Team:  Kenny Kim
Tools Used:  Unity, C#
Category:  Harvard University | AFVS 157L - Immersive Experience as Art
Advisor: Young Joo Lee
Special Thanks To: Aubrey Simonson

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